Performance Wear Ring:

Pump Wear RingHigh Efficiency, High Reliability, Fast Delivery

IndustryUptime's Performance Wear Ring Service can supply you with the highest quality wear rings in extremely low lead times.

In your box, you will find:

  • DuPont Vespel composite wear rings, already machined to the correct press fits and clearances for your application
  • Stainless carriers (if necessary), already machined to correct tolerances
  • Drawings of both the wear rings and carriers, for current reference and future replication

"IndustryUptime's material of choice for the majority of applications is DuPont Vespel CR-6100 due to its low thermal expansion, excellent chemical compatibility, and superior dry running performance."

Contact us to discuss your individual application and determine the best material

Serving Fluid Process Industries that rely on pumps to keep operations running, such as: Water, Chemical, Power, Steel, Pipelines, Shipping, Refining, Paper / Pulp, Food Processing