What Customers are Saying about IndustryUptime

"IndustryUptime is an established provider of reliability-focused services in the fluid processing industries. Their experience with rotating equipment is directly reflected in their carefully chosen product lines." — Heinz Bloch


Reliability Supervisor:

“The Operators were talking about IndustryUptime like they were heroes – some of those problems they solved we’d been living with for 30 years.”

Rotating Equipment Reliability Supervisor - Conocophillips:

“On our expansion project, George Dierssen is acting as a representative of ConocoPhillips. He has a strong level of experience in centrifugal pump and mechanical seal applications, and is a strong advocate for ConocoPhillips when we need to persuade the contract engineering firm. He has done a good job for us, and we’d like to continue working with him. We would also use IndustryUptime for their expertise in laser alignment and vibration analysis services.”

Chemical Plants:

Operations Supervisor:

“We’d been running two unreliable pumps in parallel just to make the rate since the plant was built 20 years ago. We had to jump through hoops every time one failed. IndustryUptime provided a reliable solution which allows us to make rate with one pump, and provided us with a 100% capacity spare.”

Maintenance Manager:

“IndustryUptime helped us identify a major problem with a piece of critical equipment.”

Water Districts:

Maintenance Superintendent - County Water District:

“IndustryUptime vibration monitoring services provided tangible results and practical solutions that allowed us to focus on real problems and drive down maintenance costs.”

Operations/Maintenance Manager - City Water System:

“We had 4 failures in 3 years before we involved IndustryUptime. They identified the problem and provided a solution in 1 day.”

Maritime Industry:

Fleet Supervisor - CSL Acadian – V Ships:

“George Dierssen did a good job. After the generator No1 alignment bearing temperature decreased, C/E reported that bearing wear patterns came to normal while before-alignment, shaft touched upper shell. The loop conveyor drive trains as per preliminary observations are OK, C/E reported there are no wear particles in couplings grease while before-alignment, he renewed grease after each discharge due couplings wear.”

US Coast Guard Licensed Engineer - Sea River Tug:

“IndustryUptime resolved a vibration problem with a main drive that had negatively affected operations for years. George Dierssen is one of the top three professionals – maybe even the top one – I’ve ever worked with in my 36 year career. He is more than willing to share all of the knowledge he has gained over the years, takes tremendous pride in his work and is honest and straightforward. His billing is more than fair with the results he gives – he is an absolute perfectionist. I can be called for a reference anytime.

Dredge Supervisor - Foss Maritime:

"We would definitely use IndustryUptime's technical services again. George Dierssen was great. He showed up on very short notice, and didn't leave until we had a good fix. George is definitely a perfectionist, and is all about getting to solution."

Industrial Equipment Repair:

Shop Manager - Alfred Conhagen:

“We use IndustryUptime for complex alignments, laser measurement, and inspection services. IndustryUptime is the only company on the west coast capable of aligning a dual-drive conveyor system.”

Mechanical Lead - Unico Mechanical Corporation:

"Unico Mechanical repairs refinery, municipal utilities, food processing and chemical handling equipment. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergencies. We need parts and materials quickly to serve our customers. IndustryUptime has done an excellent job of supplying us with Isomag, Trico, and Vespel products in a timely manner."

Cogen Plant:

Operations Supervisor:

“IndustryUptime identified the systems’ problem that prevented our boiler feed water pump from reaching full capacity and limiting power production. Without IndustryUptime, we were looking at an unnecessary pump overhaul.”

Lead Operator - Cogen:

"Thank you once again. We have had more questions answered in 24 hours working with you guys than months of dealing with multiple other people."

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