About Us

IndustryUptime was founded in 2000 to improve the reliability and efficiency of pumps in the process industries. Since then, we have improved the reliability of over 9,000+ pumps and increased the MTBF of populations by 50+%.

Meet Our Team

George Dierssen


Office: (530) 878-4855
Cell: (707) 315-5125

George is a mechanical engineer with over 30 years experience specializing in rotating equipment in many industries. George has a comprehensive knowledge of machinery systems stemming from 6 years with a large pump OEM and 8 years experience as a Project Engineer and Senior Reliability Engineer at two California refineries. He has an extensive background improving pump reliability and efficiency, as well as meeting modern emissions requirements with mechanical seals. George earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Sacramento.

Joe Hanley

Senior Field Engineer

Office: (530) 878-4855
Cell: (775)-225-0022

Although he started his career in petroleum refining, Joe spent 15 years in the aerospace industry where he designed new processes and retrofitted existing production lines to meet and exceed quality and production demands. He performed initial set-ups, and designed maintenance and reliability programs for critical production equipment. He obtained a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from Humboldt State University.

Jason Bradshaw

Regional Manager

Office: (530) 878-4855
Cell: (530) 228-4663

Jason comes to IndustryUptime with more than 10 years of business management and operations experience, having served in industrial management and sales development positions with ThyssenKrupp and Unico Mechanical Corporation. As the Regional Sales Manager for Northern California, Jason is focusing on developing the Royal Purple, Summit Pump, AESSEAL, Bel-Ray and Thordon Bearings lines. Jason received a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from CSUC, and is ISO 9001 certified.

Laura Dierssen

CFO/ Process Enginneering

Office: (530) 878-4855

Laura has worked for 20 years in the Refining and Chemical industries, holding positions from Engineering Tech Service to Operations Manager. Laura was instrumental in helping Safeway Inc. develop their retail gas station network, building it from 7 to 350 stations and piloted a project using biodiesel as part of Safeway's truck fleet fuel. She brings her technical and business knowledge to IndustryUptime, holding degrees in Chemical Engineering from UC Davis, and an MBA from Hayward State University.

Coleen Cole

Customer Relations Manager

Office: (530) 878-4855

With 20 years of sales and marketing experience, including 10 years as a buyer/department manager at Frederick & Nelson's in Seattle WA, and Macy's CA, plus 7 years as a national sales manager in the specialty foods business, Coleen brings a passion for customer service excellence to IndustryUptime. Coleen's degree is in English/Secondary Education, from the University of Washington.

Zach Switzer

Sales and Service

Office: (530) 888-7084

Prior to joining IndustryUptime, Zach was the Sales and Service manager of PumpWorks a supplier of engineered pumps and systems for liquid transfer needs. His years of experience as an expert in mechanical systems was a perfect fit for IndustryUptime. Previously, Zach worked for more than 20 years in automotive/mechanical industries and in Telecom/network systems.