Cartridge Seals

Many pumps in industry are still sealed with compression packing or component seals rather than industrial mechanical seals. Packing often leaks, causes expensive damage to pump shaft sleeves, requires frequent adjustment, and wastes energy. In tough services, it is unable to meet current requirements for reliability or environmental performance.


AESEAL cartridge mechanical seals solve the problems inherent with compression packing and component seals, and are the standard of industry for packing replacement. Discussions of seal compression, working length, and packing adjustment are no longer required during installation. Maintenance personnel install the pump cartridge mechanical seal as a complete unit, bolt the gland to the seal chamber face, set screw the sleeve to the shaft, remove the setting clips, and the seal is ready to go.

The AES cartridge mechanical seal range is one of the most extensive in the industry, including single seals, dual seals, pusher seals, and metal bellows seals, all of which can be configured to meet your needs. Whatever your service, from municipal water, hydrocarbons, chemicals, acid, caustic, slurries, pulp and paper, call IndustryUptime for a free consultation today.