Component Seals

Certain pump types, by design, cannot accept a cartridge seal. These designs rely upon an internally-mounted mechanical shaft seal, sometimes called single-spring seals, to keep the process fluid from leaking to the atmosphere. Pump component shaft seals are often found in gear pumps, lobe pumps, screw pumps, submersible pumps, and other special-purpose designs.


AES has created a full line of pump component single spring seals, incorporating premium materials, innovative design improvements, and cost-effective manufacturing to deliver outstanding products at competitive prices.

The AESSEAL T05™ Flygt pump seal is a perfect example of this concept. The T05™ standard materials are stainless steel, carbon, and tungsten carbide, with many options available to suit the application. The AES Flygt pump seal is also designed for simplified installation with the seal compression pre-set with a setting clip. Simply install the stationary face into the housing, slide the rotating assembly up to the stationary face, tighten the set screws, and remove the setting clip. No special tools, no plastic parts, quality construction and design—all at a very competitive price. Call IndustryUptime for assistance today.