AESSEAL LabTecta Bearing Protector

Labtecta Bearing IsolatorDecades of data shows that 52% of bearing failures are due to contamination of the bearing oil. Save your bearings and improve your reliability with our bearing protection range.

IndustryUptime offers AESSEALLabTecta bearing protectors for customers looking for a way to increase the life of their equipment. While highly effective as pump bearing protection, opportunities in hundreds of other applications exist well.

LabTecta Bearing Protectors

LabTecta® is a labyrinth design bearing protector seal with an innovative design improvement, the LabTecta® shut-off valve, which we believe to be the secret to the product’s phenomenal success.

Labtecta Bearing IsolatorAESSEAL Labtecta Bearing Protectors have been effectively and extensively used as pump bearing protectors and in many other bearing protection applications for many years.

The effectiveness of LabTecta® has been verified in third-party tests by the Ingress Protection Code. LabTecta® has achieved a rating of IP66: proving its effectiveness in protecting your bearings from contamination failures.

Why LabTecta®66 Works So Well

Twin Rotary Drive The LabTecta®66 “Twin Rotary Drive” construction means that the rotating ‘O’ Rings have twice the normal probability of fitting onto a clean and smooth shaft surface. Furthermore, the twin rotary drive system provides 100% more drive integrity and optimizes the rotary stability during dynamic operation. This added stability must be considered essential when operating close-proximity labyrinth stator and rotor components.

Zenith Barrier - Designed To Keep Oil In In dynamic shaft operation, the oil in the bearing housing must provide splash-lubrication for the equipment bearings. Most of the oil entering the LabTecta®66 velocity-reducing stator cavity is expelled through the stator expulsion orifice.

Any oil particles remaining are subject to centrifugal radial forces from the rotating shaft. The radially accelerating oil particles are forced to contact the inclined stator surface and will move counter-axially towards the stator shoulder. The stator and shaft geometries and their relative proximity create a standing vortex. This standing vortex acts as an essential second physical barrier that prevents further oil egress.

Multi Tiered Expulsion System - Designed To Keep Condiments Out The sophisticated labyrinth design of the LabTecta®66 features multi-tiered terraces designed to prevent contamination. There is a cascading effect and any water getting past the face shield is likely to be expelled in one of the two expulsion spaces.


  • Equipment Life
  • Process Uptime
  • Operational Profit

  • Reduced

  • Bearing Failures
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Operational Losses
  • Clean-up Costs

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