Bearing Protection

IndustryUptime supplies top of the line bearing protection products:

Magtecta™ Bearing Protection

IndustryUptime is proud to offer the revolutionary MagTecta™ bearing isolator. This double fact seal can be applied to bearing housings, gearboxes, and other lubrication pumps in nearly all types of fluid handling equipment.

The AESSEAL Magtecta magnetic bearing protectors completely seals the lubrication from external contaminants, does not fret the shaft, and has an expected service life far beyond most rotating equipment. The Magtecta magnetic pump bearing protector was developed using mechanical seal design principles and technology resulting in a compact design that is easy to install, and will help you eliminate lubricant contamination, reduce bearing failures, and improve equipment reliability.

LabTecta™ Bearing Protection - This innovative bearing isolator improves equipment life and operational profit while reducing maintenance costs and bearing failures.

LabTecta® is a labyrinth design bearing protector seal with an innovative design improvement, the LabTecta® shut-off valve, which we believe to be the secret to the product’s phenomenal success.

The effectiveness of LabTecta® has been verified in third-party tests by the Ingress Protection Code. LabTecta® has achieved a rating of IP66: proving its effectiveness in protecting your bearings from contamination failures.

Unico Mechanical repairs refinery, municipal utilities, food processing and chemical handling equipment. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergencies. We need parts and materials quickly to serve our customers. IndustryUptime has done an excellent job of supplying us with Isomag, Trico, and Vespel products in a timely manner.

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