OIL SAFE® Products

IndustryUptime, Inc. distributes OIL SAFE® lubricant transfer containers in a wide range of colors and sizes. OIL SAFE® lubricant transfer containers are innovative, practical, and durable, and have become the global standard of choice for industry. Color coded and fully sealing, OIL SAFE lubricant transfer containers ensure the accurate delivery of clean lubricant from bulk storage to point of use every time.

Lids are available in ten colors and five different styles:

  • Stumpy Spout Lids - ideal for when higher lubricant flow required
  • Stretch Spout Lids - ideal for precise pouring of lubricants
  • Mini Spout Lids - ideal for very small fill holes
  • Utility Lid - ideal for controlled fast pouring or matching with an OIL SAFE® Pump
  • Storage Drum- convenient alternative to bulky 20 Liter Drums
  • Oil Safe pump - ideal for use with 3.5 or 10 liter drums

  • Drums are available in five different sizes and work with any type of OIL SAFE® lid. Pumps and accessories are also available. Contact IndustryUptime today for more information about the full line of OilSafe products.