Centrifugal Pump Emissions Compliance

Meet Low Emissions Standards and Improve Reliability

IndustryUptime helps clients effectively allocate capital funds to achieve emissions compliance with emphasis on long-term reliability and low life-cycle-cost. Across North America, pump seal emissions regulations are becoming more restrictive. Process companies are being asked to meet modern requirements with pumps that were originally designed for packing. Vendors offer the expensive solution of pump retrofits and dual mechanical seals. Customers require a more cost effective means of achieving emissions compliance.

IndustryUptime can help your plant develop a centrifugal pump emissions compliance program to meet the tough new regulations for fugitive emissions of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). We draw upon our extensive experience in the California refineries, which have been complying with the toughest emissions standards in the world for several years.

The experience of these refineries has shown that "reliable equipment is compliant equipment". By approaching emissions compliance with a focus on pump reliability, a single seal can achieve emissions levels of less than 100 ppm. With this in mind, we will help you develop a plan to cost effectively comply with new regulations, save money, and increase seal MTBF.