ISOMAG Bearing Isolators

IndustryUptime is a Northern California distributor of ISOMAG Products. Isomag Corporation focuses solely on providing customers with high quality bearing isolators. In addition to providing several production designs, Isomag has extensive experience providing customers with custom bearing isolators in short turnaround times.


MAGNUM-C sets new standards for bearing protection and ease of assembly. It combines lapped precision sealing faces with a snap lock composite cowl to seal in lubrication and keep contaminants out. MAGNUM-C is designed to protect your pump power frame, gearbox, motor, blower and more. The “C” is a magnetically closed bearing seal with controlled range precision sealing faces and an interlocking labyrinth. The design is optimized to keep the outside world from getting into your bearings. All these features are in a compact unitized assembly that installs as easy as a lip seal.


MAGNUM-D totally seal motors and power frames. The Magnum-D version is optimized to prevent water intrusion from high-pressure washers and contaminated environments. Your equipment can now have waterproof shaft seals that will not wear your shaft and last for years. That means real savings to your maintenance budget. The liquid and airtight shaft seals are compact, convenient to use and quickly available. Isomag Magnum seals are available in any shaft size from 3⁄4” to 13”.


MAGNUM-S finally resolves the long-standing issues of leakage and installation that have plagued flooded bearing seals. The MAGNUM-S cartridge seal will fit into narrow cross section and short axial length applications that previously prevented the use of precision flat face seals. MAGNUM-S is a precision contact mechanical seal designed to completely seal your power frame, gearbox, motor, turbine, blower and more. The “S” features precision lapped faces and O.D. hydraulic loading to assure sealing in flooded applications. All these features are in a compact unitized assembly that installs as easy as a lip seal.