Magtecta™ Pump Bearing Protection

UptimeProducts is the distributor of AESSEAL MagTecta™ bearing protectors for Northern California and Hawaii. This product offers superior pump bearing protection, in a compact, one piece, bearing seal design that fits in the space of a lip seal.

Most maintenance and reliability personnel are aware of the importance of clean lubricants. One widely sited industry study shows that one drop of water in one quart of oil reduces bearing life by 50%. The impact of particles or other contamination can be even worse. Clean lubricant is essential for a long, reliable service life from rolling element bearings, sleeve bearings, gearboxes, pillow block bearings, machine tool spindles, agitators, reactors, generators, rotary valves, steam turbines, motors, coal pulverizers, wire return rolls, and many other types of rotating equipment.

Historically, bearing housings and gearboxes have been sealed with labyrinth seals, lip seals, or other pump bearing protector designs. Labyrinth seals have an open leak path for atmospheric contamination such as dust, atmospheric moisture, wash-downs, steam, or process leakage. Lip seals have a limited service life and often fret the shaft under the seal, increasing repair costs and limiting reliability.

The AESSEAL Magtecta magnetic bearing protectors completely seals the lubrication from external contaminants, does not fret the shaft, and has an expected service life far beyond most rotating equipment. The Magtecta magnetic pump bearing protector was developed using mechanical seal design principles and technology resulting in a compact design that is easy to install, and will help you eliminate lubricant contamination, reduce bearing failures, and improve equipment reliability.

The product range includes 4 variations of this revolutionary design:

  • Magtecta™ I, for moderate equipment speeds
  • Magtecta™ II, for higher equipment speeds
  • Magtecta™ P, for pressurized applications
  • Magtecta™ OM, for oil mist lubricated applications

  • Designs are available for nominal sizes from 0.750" diameter to 12.000" diameter. Metric sizes are also available. The above designs can also be modified to serve as bearing seals in high axial float applications. IndustryUptime carries a substantial inventory of AESSEAL Magtecta™ bearing protectors to support short lead time repairs. Please contact us for pricing and availability.