Prognost Compressor Condition Monitoring

IndustryUptime is excited to represent Prognost®-SILver and Prognost®-NT Systems. Prognost® is the first choice of oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical companies for safe, reliable and economical operation of reciprocating machines.

In these industries, a reliable online machine diagnostic technology is indispensable, and Prognost®’s automatic evaluation and interpretation of sensor data give Prognost® users a crucial advantage, and procurement costs are recovered within a few months.

Prognost®-NT is the only system in the industry that records and analyzes status data in real time and compares them using "pattern recognition" based on actual experience. It provides machine operators with a timely analysis of the causes in the form of plain text information. This means that any machine, reciprocating or centrifugal, monitored by this system can be shut down fast and reliably with virtually no risk of false trips.

Prognost®-Silver is a flexible and fast platform for integrated asset protection. It offers everything operators and instrumentation professionals call for:
  • condition monitoring
  • machine protection
  • diagnostic based SIL 3-certified emergency shutdown device

  • This system is designed to provide machinery protection while maximizing production uptime.

    Prognost®-Predictor is a gearbox and bearing diagnostic system. It is designed to continuously monitor critical machinery, warn of impending faults and allow proactive measures to be taken to avoid catastrophic failures. Whether your priority is to increase efficiency, improve equipment life or reduce unscheduled downtime, this solution will help achieve your goals.