Pump and System Design Review

Incorporate Reliability into New Equipment Purchases

IndustryUptime helps process plants find the Best Bid to ensure that new pump selections are reliable and affordable. This process minimizes future reliability problems, which originate in the selection, sizing, and application of new equipment.

In the world of tight capital budgets, personnel are often obligated to purchase the "low bid" offering, because there is inadequate information to justify a better selection. Unfortunately, this process generally results in poor reliability, marginal designs, excessive maintenance costs, and low efficiency. This is unnecessary, as a properly sized, reliable pump is often available for little or no additional money. Providing vendors with the correct guidelines, and making the proper selection will deliver savings for the entire life of the pump.

IndustryUptime helps clients develop specifications and review bids for new pump purchases with emphasis on reliability and life-cycle-cost. Selections are based on the factors that create the total cost of ownership for the pump: initial equipment price, installation cost, operating cost, efficiency, and projected maintenance cost. This model ensures that the pump will be reliable, efficient, and cost competitive.

We balance several factors to find the Best Bid. For each pump proposed, we evaluate the hydraulic fit and design, so that the pump selected operates efficiently and reliably. We review key mechanical parameters to ensure the pump is a conservative, proven design. We estimate the total installed cost of the pump to make sure the bid is competitively priced. So, next time you purchase a pump, don’t be forced into the "low bid," let IndustryUptime help your plant purchase the Best Bid.