Thordon Bearings

Marine & Industrial

IndustryUptime is proud to offer Thordon bearings for your industrial pump and commercial and military marine applications. With over 40 years experience supplying non-metallic bearings to many different industries, Thordon Bearings designs and manufactures a complete range of high performance, environmentally friendly journal bearing solutions for water pump, hydro-turbine, offshore oil as well as propeller shaft bearings, shaft seals and rudder bearing for marine applications. Thordon bearings are designed to work under the most extreme conditions: abrasive, corrosive, high impact load, high humidity and infrequent maintenance periods.

ThorPlas® (blue)

ThorPlas® (blue) is a non-elastomeric, homogenous material developed by Thordon specifically as a full form high pressure bearing:

  • engineered thermoplastic (non-elastomer) bearing grade
  • maximum dynamic working pressure to 31.0 MPa (4500 psi)
  • low coefficient of friction (typically 0.10-0.17)
  • very low wear in non-abrasive environments
  • reasonable abrasion resistance - less than Thordon elastomer grades, but better than bronze, epoxy phenolics and many other non-metallic bearing materials

  • ThorPlas® SXL (white)

    ThorPlas® SXL (white) is the preferred choice for dry start-up operation and offers a lower dry coefficient of friction and better wear life and abrasive resistance compared to other grades.

  • high resistance to shock loading and vibration
  • maximum dynamic working pressure to 10.0 MPa (1450 psi) in limited motion
  • lower coefficient of friction (typically 0.08-0.15) than XL
  • higher dry PV (Pressure Velocity) rating than XL
  • lower dry and higher wet resistance to abrasion than XL
  • dry start-up capability as a vertical pump bearing
  • high resistance to shock loading and vibration


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