Oil Sight Glass Store by PK Machine

Welcome to our new oil sight glass store.

Another great oil sight glass design by PK Machine is here.  We named it the Monolith.

This oil sight glass is machined using a single piece of acrylic. As a result, it is optically very clear. With NPT standard sizes, these water finders are ready to install on a pump, motor, turbine or reservoir.  The newly updated version of the original oil sight glass is available for purchase below.

Visual oil condition monitoring with an oil sight glass by all plant personnel is an industry standard way to spot a problem long before it becomes a costly repair. Transparent oil sight glasses mount to the drain of the lubricating oil sump with a threaded connection and include a drain valve for water removal. Immediate visual inspection allows users to take immediate action for the presence of free water, sediment, emulsified oil or dark oil.

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